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Easy to use and privacy compliant website analytics for individuals and teams.

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Flamingo is the perfect solution for people that want powerful, but easy to use website analytics.

Need a Google Analytics alternative?

If you're finding other analytics tools hard to use, Flamingo provides a simple, easy to understand web analytics alternative.


Manage all your websites and switch between them seamlessly.

Privacy compliant

Completely cookie-free and protects the privacy of your website visitors.

Campaign monitoring

Report on your marketing campaign performance and effectiveness.

Team collaboration

It's never been easier for your whole team to make informed decisions.

Conversion reporting

See how many visitors completed important goals and events.

Multi-step funnels

Optimize user flows and see where your visitors drop off.

Measure your goals

See how many visitors completed key actions and what channels drove those conversions.

What our customers say

Hear directly from the people who use Flamingo every day to monitor their websites.

“An easy to use Google Analytics alternative

We didn't feel a need to migrate to Google Analytics 4. Flamingo has provided us with a viable alternative for our marketing efforts and gives us clarity on our in-market campaigns.

Fiona Donnellan, Founder

“Simple and easy to understand the data

It's been great to have a privacy compliant product. We rely on Flamingo to give us the insights we need to measure our marketing campaigns.

Jimmy Girot, Senior Content Lead
What Our Clients Say - Startech X Webflow Template

“Easy to find the answers to our web analytics questions

Finally a website analytics product that is easy for our team to understand the data and extract their own insights.

Mark Hughes, Marketing Director

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We're champions of minimalist data collection, capturing only the most crucial data points and respecting the privacy of web users.

Our simple script works with almost every website and CMS. From Google Tag manager to Wordpress, we have it all covered.


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Making website analytics easy for everyone

Flamingo's mission is to simplify website analytics, transforming data into actionable insights that empower teams to understand their audience and measure their impact.

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