Get to know your website traffic

Because you just want simple, privacy compliant website analytics.

Website analytics

See how many visitors completed important goals and events.

Multi-step funnels

Optimize user flows and see where your visitors drop off.

Campaign monitoring

Report on your marketing campaign performance and effectiveness.


Manage all your websites and switch between them seamlessly.

Team management

It's never been easier for your whole team to make informed decisions.

Privacy compliance

Completely cookie-free and protects the privacy of your website visitors.

Used by teams that work all kinds of brands

Easy to use and privacy compliant

Discover ways to increase visitors, boost conversions and accelerate growth.

Monitor your website traffic

Enjoy complete clarity and straight-forward answers with our user-friendly reporting & filtering.

Evaluate marketing performance

Understand campaign results, share valuable insights with your team and simplify your marketing metrics so that everyone to make informed decisions.

Report on goals and conversions

Set up custom goals and see how many visitors completed them. For those wanting to see where their web traffic falls away, multi-step funnels highlight areas to improve.

Complete privacy compliant and cookie-free analytics

Finally say goodbye to that annoying cookie banner. Our innovative technology keeps your website analytics privacy-compliant without any extra set up.

Built for teams that want to collaborate

Everyone is empowered to measure results and find their own answers. With Flamingo, your whole team can enjoy straight-forward and easy to use website analytics.

Flamingo works wherever you do

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